Burger and Lobster

I’m definitely a latecomer to the Burger and Lobster craze. It all just seemed like too much effort after hearing stories from friends about how eating there required either queuing for hours or having your dinner at 6pm. Although I am a fan of Lobsters (and indeed burgers, but lets be honest this place is definitely not about the burgers) I  just couldn’t bring myself to queue for 3 hours to get one.

But, with the Olympics having the opposite of the expected impact on London’s restaurants we took the opportunity to try out Burger and Lobster this past weekend hoping that it would be quiet and we wouldn’t have to queue. We went to the newer branch on Dean St in Soho and rocked up at 7pm on Saturday night and were able to get a table straight away, which was brill.

Burger and Lobster basically does what it says on the tin- there are only two choices of what you can eat- burger or lobster. It’s £20 and for that you can get either a burger, a whole lobster or a lobster sandwich. I’m not even going to waste words on why I wouldn’t recommend you order a burger, it’s obvious- £20 for a burger is ridiculous no matter how good it is, but £20 for a whole lobster is awesome! So order the Lobster. If you want to eat a monster lobster there is also the choice to do that if you pay a little extra. For me the normal one was more than big enough.

I have to say I think (if this is even possible) I enjoyed the lemon butter sauce more than the lobster itself- definitely order it. The lobster (and burger) also come with fries and a salad, which was too packed with parmesan cheese for my liking, but I was too full to eat it anyway.

They have a couple of puddings too which are worth trying if you have room. We tried the chocolate mousse with salt caramel at the bottom which was really good.

Oh and did I mention that they also provide a plastic bib to assist in the lobster fest (as modelled below)… x

Burger and Lobster– 36 Dean St. Soho.


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  1. I have also been intrigued about who really orders the burger?
    Nice post!

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