Prom Queens

I’ve realised over the last few months that I have an infatuation with buying tickets to events, particularly ones in high demand. On paper that sounds extremely weird, but I just love the triumph of when I’m able to get tickets to something that completely sells out or that loads of people want to go to. At one stage a friend of mine and I got so obsessed that we were like a ticket buying tag team, wasting many a work hour on the ticket master website. I’ve had some big successes with my ticket purchasing persistence like getting loads of tickets to the Take That concert (don’t even get me started on the Olympics- it was like my own personal ticket purchasing Everest but I got there in the end). The downside of this obsession is that occasionally I do get caught up in the excitement of it all and buy tickets to events that I soon realise I don’t actually want to go to (for example Capital summertime ball… definitely a hysterical purchase and it was complete pain trying to get rid of them).

Anyway, recently this ticket buying hobby led me to buy tickets for the BBC proms at the Royal Albert Hall, which always sells out really quickly (and I managed to get 2 sets of tickets- yay!). I’m not in any way, shape or form into classical music but the proms seemed like such a quintessentially British thing to do and I had never been before, so I thought if there was ever a year to try it, 2012 was certainly it.

I managed to rope in a friend to join me on my random expedition to the Royal Albert Hall and considering how cheap the tickets were (about £18 each) we had really good seats. The Royal Albert Hall is such a beautiful building so if anything it was great to just be able to go inside and experience the atmosphere, even though it was so boiling inside the day we went!

We were definitely in the younger demographic of attendees and it was blindingly obvious that we were not hardcore classical music fans like the other people around us. It was also hard to tell whether everyone had their eyes shut because they were soaking up the music or because it was so hot inside and everyone was rather old (I’m sure the former!).

One of the things I loved about the experience is how much appreciation the audience gave the musicians. The applause went on for such a long time, I had never experienced anything like it at a concert before.

Although you have to put in a bit of effort to get the tickets (get on the website as soon as they go on sale), the tickets themselves are very good value and you can also just rock up on the day for standing tickets (there’s over 1000 every day) which are super cheap.

I would absolutely recommend going ‘promming’ at least once, and I’m glad I’ve ticked it off my London bucket list. x.


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