A very impromptu mid week dinner with a friend last week gave me the chance to try Nopi, which I’ve been saying I want to try for, oh about the last 2 years (or ever since it opened anyway). Nopi is the Soho restaurant from the same chaps of Ottolenghi fame and the vibe is sort of casual trendy and you share lots of small plates many of which have middle eastern inspired flavours.

I quite like the sharing small plates thing at restaurants, mainly because I’m a bit indecisive and it means you get to try more dishes. I do think though that sharing small dishes works better when you go with girlfriends, as whenever I do this with my boyfriend I always get a bit stressed at just how many dishes he thinks it’s necessary to order!

We ordered 5 dishes between 2 of us which was more than enough and I think this starter of flat breads with a smoked aubergine dip was actually my favourite of all of them.

But these deep friend courgette flowers stuffed with herby ricotta were to die for….

I can’t really remember too much about this next one apart from that it was baby chicken, very tasty though!

This dish was absolutely gorgeous, burrata with flat peaches and coriander seeds.

The last dish we had was grilled prawns with a yummy cabbage and bacon accompaniment. The dish was wonderful, apart from the small fact that the prawns were a bit raw in the middle. We didn’t actually realise until we had eaten an entire  prawn each as it’s quite dark in the restaurant, and although I really dislike complaining in restaurants I thought I had better say something as being quite a hypochondriac all I could think was, what if I get food poisoning?!

The manager of Nopi couldn’t have been kinder in dealing with our concerns. He apologised straight away and reassured us that they use the freshest seafood so we wouldn’t get ill (and he was absolutely right, thank god!) and then offered to take the dish off the bill. He also then sent a complimentary dessert to our table, a wonderful mango and cardamom sorbet, which I really didn’t expect them to do on top of taking the dish off the bill.

Despite the issue with the dodgy prawn, I really enjoyed Nopi and would definitely recommend that you try it. The food is stunning and the dishes are really different to your typical Soho type eats. Although it’s not as cheap as other Soho options (we paid £26 each with no drinks and with the prawn dish taken off the bill) I do think the food is more refined, it’s slightly more upmarket than it’s neighbours, and you can book! Now that really is a novelty in Soho these days.  Enjoy x

Nopi- 21-22 Warwick Street. London W1B 5NE


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