Cinema under the Kensington stars

Earlier this summer my sister visited me in London and while she was here we decided to check out Kensington Palace. It had just been renovated and most importantly I had never been there, which is quite rare for a London tourist attraction!

The Palace was a great way to spend an afternoon in London. The new exhibitions are interactive and informative at the same time, and the experience far exceeds most other museums I’ve been to in London. The part I liked best was that they have games for little (and big) children in each room and one fab treasure hunt type game about different roles in the court that you follow the entire way through the exhibition. While we visited they had a special exhibition called ‘Victoria Revealed’ which detailed the life of Queen Victoria who grew up in the Palace. I learnt lots about Queen Victoria, mostly that she was a pretty fierce lady- she proposed to Prince Albert rather than the other way round, had 9 children and was queen for almost 64 years.

While we were visiting I noticed that later in the summer they were having outdoor cinema nights in the palace gardens showing royal themed films (naturally!). So I got together a group of girlfriends to go and watch The Young Victoria and continue educating myself about the life of my second favourite English Queen (anyone close to me knows how much of a Liz II fan I am).

The screen was set up in front of the Orangery in the palace gardens. It was an absolutely gorgeous setting and everyone had brought picnics to munch on while watching the film. I really enjoyed the fact that the film was set in the venue at which we were watching, it definitely added a cool dimension to the experience. The event was very well run, super friendly staff, free give aways when you arrive and you could even rent blankets and inflatable back cushions (they really had thought of everything).

I could lie and say it was a glorious night and we watched the film under a balmy starry sky. However being England, it obviously rained. Just for a little bit though, and at quite a crucial time in the film, so there was absolutely no chance of us calling it a day due to a few drops of rain. We just put up our umbrellas and eventually it passed!

The event was run by the Luna Cinema and they run lots of similar nights in beautiful venues all over the country. Check out their website for more details, but to give you a flavour it’s combos like Casablanca in Holland Park, The Artist in Kew Gardens and Shakespeare in Love at Hampton Court Palace.

I thought it made for a lovely London evening, so get a few friends together soon and take advantage of this late summer we’re enjoying to experience cinema under the stars, or you won’t get the chance until next summer! Enjoy x


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