Brasserie Zedel

A few weeks ago on a dreary rainy Saturday afternoon the boy and I decided that we wanted to go out and try somewhere new for dinner. I was experiencing the tail-end of a flu that had gone on for longer that I would have liked and needed some hearty grub to make me feel better. French food was just the ticket and we had heard about Brasserie Zedel from a few friends so wanted to give it a test run.

Zedel is a big Parisian style brasserie right next to Piccadilly Circus. As well as the brasserie, the complex also has a bar, a cafe and a little cabaret/jazz venue. The whole thing is underground at it’s quite overwhelming in size, but this does have certain advantages, namely being able to rock up at 7pm on a Saturday night without a reservation.

I loved the decor of Brasserie Zedel, its quite grandiose and very very French. It reminded me a little bit of the Wolseley, but without the price tag. It’s a very big dining room but the partitions which make up the different sections stop it from feeling overwhelming.

The menu is your typical French brasserie faire, for starter I had a lardon and egg salad which was lovely and the boy had seafood food which was divine. Amazing prices are a running theme on this menu- but honestly I have to mention the soup in particular as it astounds me every time I remember- the soup was cheaper than a soup from Pret (that’s right, cheaper than Pret people!!)

The mains on offer are, again, quintessentially French. I had confit duck with a side of green beans which was everything you would hope it would be- so crispy on the outside and yummy and tender inside. The boy had Choucroute Alsacienne which basically was a platter of sausages, nice but not really my cup of tea.

And then the desserts, ooh la la the desserts… they come with a mini jug of DIY chocolate sauce- what’s not to love!?

The boy had an ice-cream sundae complete with wafer and chocolate cigarette. I had my favourite- Profiteroles which were really good. I don’t think they quite match the profiteroles at le relais de venise, but then those don’t come with a mini jug of chocolat chaud!

As you can see, I enjoyed every last mouthful.

All in all, I think Brasserie Zedel is quite a rarity. It’s not common in central London to find a restaurant where you can get a 3 course meal with wine for £30 a head. The food is good quality and beautifully cooked and the service is friendly. I will definitely be returning the next time I have a hankering for some French flavours. Enjoy x


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