Back to School: Cambridge

I am very very lucky to still have a big tight knit group of girlfriends from school. I moved all around the world growing up and went to lots of different schools so I feel very fortunate coming out of that experience that I’ve stayed close to my Surrey girls. But we’re not so little any more and some of the girls are even proper adults and are doing grown-up things like getting engaged! So we all headed to Cambridge this weekend to celebrate this recent exciting news.


Being such a big group of friends we had the UK university scene pretty well covered when we were all studying and I used to especially love going to Oxford and Cambridge to visit the girls who studied there. I went to uni right in heart of central London and whilst LSE was fantastic in it’s own way, there is definitely something to be said for the idyllic setting of an ancient university town.

So before we went for drinks in the evening we spent some time wandering through the cobbled streets, exploring the colleges and pretending to be students again. Term had just started and there was definitely an autumnal back to school feeling in the air.

On our travels we saw this little guy acting like top dog at one of the stalls in market square. Which I love by the way, it’s like Borough market, but with reasonable prices.

We all participated in my favourite Cambridge activity, buying fudge from The Fudge Kitchen; having far too many free tasters along the way.

If you’ve never been to Cambridge before, you really must visit. It’s a beautiful town and so close to London (only 45 mins from Kings Cross!), making it the perfect day trip destination. As the days grow shorter and it gets colder, I keep thinking about how beautiful it would be to visit Cambridge at Christmas time. It’s definitely on my December to-do list. Enjoy x


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