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As a South West London newbie I’ve been very excited to explore all the restaurants that when I was a North Londoner just seemed much much too far away. Brixton village, and more specifically, Wishbone had been on my to do list for a long time. If you haven’t been to Brixton village– you must, it is awesome. It’s cute little arcade is a hotch-potch of old fashioned green grocers and fish mongers mixed with cool new street food style restaurants.


Wishbone serves southern american style food, and the chicken is to die for. Admittedly, on paper the idea of spending a Saturday night in Brixton eating fried chicken sounds less than glamorous, but I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed by the tasty treats on offer.


Start with one of their amazing sours, you pick the poison, egg or no egg and either straight up or on the rocks, and this bartender who I think looks a little like super mario will make it for you. We tried gin sours on the rocks and pisco sours straight up, both of which were delicious.


Then the chicken… of which we ordered so so much. Embarrassingly between 3 people we almost ordered every item on the menu and the waiter commented that he might have to roll us out. But it was worth it- the food is seriously yummy.


We tried a few different types of chicken- Thai style fried chicken with lime and basil, buffalo wings, which were by far my favourite, and came with a blue cheese sauce, and then traditional southern style fried chicken with barbecue sauce.


We ordered quite a few sides to go with our chicken, this messy looking concoction below was a mix of cheese, jalapeños and hash browns I think. To be honest I’m not entirely sure what was in it- but it was delicious.


And this… wow- macaroni cheese squares. So so yum. Mac and cheese- deep fried, not sure how they actually do it, but it just works.


Oh and we had coleslaw. As you can see we did a good job demolishing everything put in front of us.


And then washing it down with another sour.


Go early if you don’t want to have to queue, as its a pretty popular place nowadays. I was sad I couldn’t stay longer on the night I went, just as we were leaving to head to the cinema the bar was getting really buzzy and fun. Wishbone is a great place for dinner with friends, but equally would be fun for a few drinks too. I’m planning my return asap.

Wishbone. 12 Market Row. Brixton Market. London. Sw9 9PR.


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